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POL-84685-001 POL-84685-001 POL-84685-001
Polycom Pano. Wireless Presentation System  
Part Number: POL-84685-001
Manufacturer part #: 7200-84685-001

Polycom Pano-Wireless Presentation System
($2240 MSRP with 1 year partner warranty maintenance)

The easiest way to share content at work. Screen casting for your business from any device. Connect wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0 with Windows 7, Apple OS X, or utilize Windows Miracast (Wifi-Direct), Apple Airplay (Bonjour).

Bonus: The FREE just released Polycom Pano App allows you to share your screen immediately or login using your Microsoft O365 credentials to access your One drive files from anywhere.

Included accessories and service: 1 HDMI cable, 1 CAT 5E, 1 USB Type-B, 1 USA Power module and 1 Wall mount kit, 1 year partner warranty maintenance

Usually ships within 24 hours
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